daravi-1Even as the Dharavi redevelopment project seems likely to be pushed with renewed vigour by the new state government, fresh revelations threaten to put a big question mark over the rehabilitation of over 3 lakh slum residents, with some officials warning of a potential law and-order problem. A preliminary assessment carried out by the competent authority-MCGM assistant commissioner to verify the status of slum dwellers has found only 37% of them eligible for re-housing in one of the five sectors of Dharavi. It has been officially noted that out of 8,478 hutments or families in Sector 4, only 3,127 are eligible. The slum dwellers found ineligible in the survey are the ones who have been unable to produce proof of residence or documents that show they have been living in Dharavi prior to the government’s latest cut-off date of January 1, 2000. Several thousand hutments have been sold since this cut-off date and the new occupants do not possess photo passes, which are given only to slum residents considered to be eligible for rehabilitation by the government. The sticky situation forced the project’s officer on special duty, to write to the state government last week, warning that the Rs 15,000-crore scheme could not be implemented until all issues related to rehabilitation were sorted out. The subject has been termed as a “serious matter”. Dharavi has been carved into five sectors, each of which will be awarded to a private developer. The 2 sq km enclave has about 60,000 families or over 3 lakh people to be re-housed by developers as part of the project. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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