Malada-Resid-4The residents residing near Orlem Church at Malad took to streets to protest against the innumerable manholes in their area. BMC’s negligence and apathy has led to many people becoming victims of these deadly manholes, reports Agitated residents of Lourdes Colony near Orlem Church in Malad led out a protest against BMC’s negligence and apathy over the innumerable open gutters in their area. The residents allege that the manholes have not been covered with lids and some of them were so deep that many had become victims to it. One of the manholes is so deep that telephone cable wires are exposed, lying openly, some of which were also stolen, hence obstructing phone lines in the colony. Numerous complaints by the residents have fallen on deaf ears because of which they took to streets to protest against the negligent attitude of BMC. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Shailendra Upadhyay for NMTV News.

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