Welcome back. Several malls downed their shutters and others wore a deserted look, as consumers did not venture out, except for essential purchases. There are fears that malls and other crowded places will be the next targets. Employees and stray customers in most malls remained glued to their television sets, tracking the fate of hostages and terrorists holed up in the south Mumbai hotels. Malls across metros have stepped up security in the wake of terrorist attacks in south Mumbai. Employees are being trained to tackle emergencies and the number of private security personnel has been stepped up, sources said. However, industry players expressed concern over the ineffectiveness of security measures in the face of planned attacks by professional killers and terrorists. While some visitors exercised caution others who dropped displayed the over hyped “Mumbai spirit. According to industry players, malls developers and retailers discussed the security scenario and this led to a 30% jump in the demand for private security personnel almost overnight. Some malls have increased the presence of plain clothes men and uniformed security in important mall areas such as the air conditioning plant. Vrushali Chitre – NMTV News.


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