One of the man-made ponds or an artificial pond of the city is lying into ruins. We are talking about the artificial pond at sector 7 of Vashi which has clearly evaded the authorities attention. Look ahead in the midst of the lovely row houses in sector 7 in Vashi and there lies a pond filled with garbage and floating religious idols. This is supposedly the first man made pond in the city developed by Tata Powers years ago. Sure it must have been beautiful then with the water all crystal clear and greenry all around. But now, a look at the pondis a sore to the eyes. The water level in the pond has dipped drastically, there are heads of idols floating around, the bins are overturned and overflowing with trash, the railings are rusty and broken and the less said about the greenery the better. Not only does the water look greeny and messy, it is also filled with plastics with locals even washing their clothes in the pond. For the residents it is indeed an eye sore and a place of stench and filth which they stated should be cleaned immediately. At one far end of the pond you will find a temple, all done in white but that is the only thing that looks clean and white in the area. There is a well also which is again littered with plastics. One can only hope that the respective authorities clear, re-fill and maintain the pond or the coming monsoon and Ganesh festival may make life all the more dreaded for the residents living here. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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