mangoFebruary and Mangoes go in sync every year but this year has been different as mangoes have made a rather early entry in APMC market this year. The very popular hapus of Konkan are now available in the APMC Market and the first set was welcomed in style at the market, reports Monika Bhosale. If you think these firecrackers of Diwali celebrations then think again. Its definitely for celebrations but for a different reason. Its for welcoming the first batch of Devgad’s hapus at the APMC Market. Every year hapus comes to APMC Market only in the month of February but this year they have come in November itself. Chandan Dalvi and Vrushaal Rawle – two farmers of villages in Konkan – Devgadh have got these mangoes to be sold at APMC. Mango merchants at APMC welcomed these mangoes in traditional style with pooja-archana. One could easily see the ecstacy in the merchants of the market as the first batch of mangoes arrived. The first mango that arrives at APMC Market is considered as shagun and hence it is not sold at market price. Prominent fruit merchants were present during the welcoming ceremony and a merchant from Crawford market bought the first batch of mangoes brought at APMC. Farmers and merchants informed us that the fact that mangoes have made an early entry this year would have no adverse effect in the later yields of the fruit. Farmers shared with us that it is their untiring efforts that mangoes yield happened early. Merchants too acknowledged that its because of the sweat and hard work of farmers that mangoes have made an early entry and that this will give them an opportunity to do good business. The merchant informed us that if there is an increase in the number of mangoes exported to Europe, then the prices of mangoes will increase and this will benefit both the merchants as well as the farmers. Last year drought and climate change had an adverse effect on mango yield that had resulted in loss for both farmers, merchants on one end and mango lovers on the other end. But this year mangoes are already available in the market and its supply will increase from January ensuring that mango lovers can avail the king of fruits till summer of 2010 that too at affordable rates. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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