Time and again Navi Mumbai News has highlighted the need to protect the dense mangroves that act as natural barriers against high tide and floods and sustain marine life. But vested interests continue to destroy them, spelling doom for the ecosystem. While CIDCO in connivance with developers, continue to destroy mangroves for commercial interests, other authorities like NMMC and Thane Collector’s Office have done little for mangroves protection despite the same being brought to their attention time and again. CIDCO’s anti environmental activities had even shocked a delegation of officials of the Union Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) during their visit to Navi Mumbai. The Ministry held CIDCO guilty of violating CRZ rules at 33 major sites in Navi Mumbai. The report stated that CIDCO had amended its development plans six times after the 1991 CRZ rules came into existence but CIDCO failed to get MoEF approval for the same.

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