vashi-2A manhole dug for laying some water pipeline in Sector 15 has become a source of hassle for locals. The manhole had been dug almost 10 days ago but is still not attended to by authorities. This is the main road of Sector 15, Vashi. The road has been dug for laying pipelines. The road is one of the main routes that leads to a hospital on one side, a municipal school on the other and Karmveer Bhaurao Patil College and ICL School on another side. The road sees many school students and college goers commuting through it. But despite this the road has been dug for 8 days and the local ward office or any other NMMC dept. is paying no attention to the gravity of the matter. Locals voiced fear of accidents while speaking to our Correspondent. At the NMMC Ward Office, the engineers and officials from the water supply dept. refused to speak on the matter. NMMC spends Crores of public taxes on public work week after week. But the enthusiasm that corporators show in demanding civic work in their area and the interest official’s show in issuing tenders is never evident when the contractor does any civic work. This is one of the root causes of sub-standard and delayed work done by contractors in just about any civic work in the city. with cameraperson Deepak Kamble, Poonam Gurav for NMTV News.

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