Present in Navi Mumbai to inaugurate the office of All India Anti Terrorist Front, President of the Front Manindrajeet Singh Bitta shocked many when he stated that with the current situation, the country should be handed over to people like Baba Ramdev. Shot to fame after displaying immense bravery during the Khalistan riot in Punjab and one of the great fights against terrorism, Manindrajeet Singh Bitta criticized the Central and the state government for the incessant terror strikes in the country. He expressed that with the current situation gurus like Baba Ramdev should lead the country. Manindrajeet Singh Bitta was speaking during the inauguration of the office of All India Anti Terrorist Front in Navi Mumbai. Speaking to NMTV News, he expressed dissatisfaction over the way in which the Centre and state tackled the 26/11 terrorists. He also condemned the Indian Spy agencies and demanded that an independent wing must be made for them. According to him, one cannot win against terror through politics. He further expressed his views on the sensitive issue of regionalism. Commenting on the vulnerable sea coastline, he stated that all the security agencies had failed miserably during the Mumbai terror attacks. He also stated that two years back, he had warned the Centre of how a sensitive point the country’s coastline were for infiltration of terrorists. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.

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