The demand for Maratha reservation seems to be heating up in the state, After Marathwada, Khandesh and Vidharbh, in Mumbai too, the youth of the NGO Chava is demanding Marathi reservation. Reservation has always been the reason for dividing different segment of society, Now the Maratha community in demanding reservation in education and employment. All the associations of Vidharbh, Khandesh and Marathwada have joined hands with a youth organization Chava that is ready to go to any extent to ensure that their demands are fulfilled. This united front had recently even demanded government property during their protest. Now the front has become active in Mumbai too. Speaking about a protest in Mumbai, the founder president Annasaheb Javale Patil spoke to the media. He added that they could go to any extent for fulfilling their demands. He added that leaders were only using their communities as vote bank. It maybe noted that the Maratha community has played an important card in state politics. Even today 150 MLAs of the state including the Chief Minister himself belong to this community. But allegations are that not much have been done for the rural areas here who blame that their leaders progressed but the common man in these areas are still victims of poverty and exploitation.

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