A property leased out to a leaseholder has become a sort of stumbling block in the development of Powai Lake into a promenade like the Marine Drive is Mumbai. When the matter reached former Minister Rohidas Patil, a delegation headed by MCGM Commissioner Dr. Jairaj Pathak visited the site. Powai as a location is basically famous because of the Powai lake. Not surprisingly over the years the lake converted into a dumping ground of sorts with water receding and drying to half its original level. However, MCGM’s new plans of desilting Powai lake and making a promenade on the lines of Marine Drive might give it a new lease of life. MCGM Additional Municipal Commissioner (Projects) Manu Kumar Srivastava gave an insight on their project. He also informed that the project will be completed by year end and that all the environment clearances are in place. While MCGM might have successfully handled the environmental concerns, the project has faced another stumbling block. On a portion of the area being beautified stands a MCGM property that has been given on lease to occupants for decades. Now, the MCGM wants to remove the property that has become a road block for the Powai lake beatification project. When the lease on the property terminated, MCGM served a notice of eviction to the occupant who opposed the same and reported injustice to former Minister Rohidas Patil. To study the ground reality, a joint visit of both sides in the presence of the Minister and Commissioner Dr. Jairaj Pathak was made at the project site. The occupant kept his side in front of the Minister and the MCGM its’ side. While settlement in the matter is still pending, MCGM Commissioner Dr. Jairaj Pathak says that with the growing population at Powai, morning walkers desire a place like Marine Drive but the property in question will spoil the look. The Commissioner also gave an insight on the lease period of the property and said that it terminated in April. While the issue hinders the speed of development work, beyond any doubts the MCGM’s bid to restore the bean-shaped Powai Lake will definitely help revive its past glory.


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