dust-bin-1With the aim of keeping the city clean, NMMC had installed dustbins at footpaths in Vashi on an experimental basis. However, after a few months reports of dustbin thefts and breakage was reported. And yet once again public funds have been wasted as NMMC has not paid any attention in maintaining these dustbins. It was around the year 2004, that NMMC like Mumbai had installed dustbins on the footpaths in the city. On an experimental basis the dustbins were installed in Vashi in which NMMC has installed around 200 to 250 dustbins. The maintenance contact was given to Kisan Construction for one year. However, just after a few months of installation, some dustbins were stolen while some broke. Neither the contractor nor NMMC paid any attention to these thefts and dire conditions after which these dustbins become namesake. One dustbin came at a cost of Rs 1800 which means wastage of lakhs of public funds. Even Mayor Anjani Bhoir accepted that these dustbins were of no use and the dustbin with wheels was a better option. And when the Mayor herself accepts the failure of the project what could one say. We also spoke with Babasaheb Ranjade who strangely accepted the failure of the project but refused to accept it. And like many other failed projects of NMMC, this is yet another one project indicating NMMC’s lack of planning and management. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Archana Tripathi for NMTV News.

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