sagar-naikThe face-off between Navi Mumbai Mayor Sagar Naik and his senior party corporators is far from being over. After Shivram Patil voiced disappointment against the Mayor’s conduct in the general body meeting, the Mayor Sagar Naik did not hesitate is pointing out that Shivram Patil raised the issue at the wrong time. He advised his corporators to maintain disciple. On the other hand, the opposition seems to be cashing on the public clashes of the Mayor and his corporators. Speaking in support of Shivram Patil, Congress corporator Santosh Shetty has said that Mayor Sagar Naik is too immature to handle general body meetings. If you think that the dust after the clash between NCP Corporator Shivram Patil and Mayor Sagar Naik’s in general body has settled, think again because the face off is far from being over. So you remember the confrontations between the young Mayor Sagar Naik and senior NCP member Shivram Patil over the issue of injustice being done to Mathadis and low Income Group house owners in KK, from whom the cost of changing drinking water pipelines is being recovered while for all others in the city, the corporation is bearing the cost, including the middle and high income group apartment owners in the city. Stating that the municipal commissioner had assured to look into the matter within a month, Shivram Patil had demanded a reply from the commissioner, as more than a month had passed since the commissioner’s assurance. Mayor Sagar Naik, prompted by Deputy Mayor Bharat Nakhate refused to allow the commissioner to reply on the same, stating that he would convene a meeting with the commissioner to sort out the issue. Shivram Patil insisted that the Commissioner reply to the issue, on the floor of the House. The Mayor refused to allow the same. It was then that Shivram Patil expressed anguish and fury and alleged that the administration was being supported by the Mayor in the denial to the 11000 low income households of KK. Unperturbed by speculations that this incident has exposed the rift between the young Mayor and senior NCP corporators; Mayor Sagar Naik sticks to his stand. Speaking to NMTV News, he said that it was incorrect on Shivram Patil’s part to raise an issue when proposals of other wards were being taken up. Mayor Sagar Naik advised that corporators should speak on their proposals. The opposition however has been quick to cash on the growing differences between the Mayor and his corporator. Terming the argument between the Mayor and Sr. NCP Corporator Shivram Patil as an insult to the latter, Santosh Shetty went on to mock at NCP Corporators saying that they were like puppets. Santosh Shetty went on to criticize the way Mayor Sagar Naik conducted meetings where they were not allowed to keep their say. He also compared Sagar Naik with Sanjeev Naik and other Mayors saying that Sagar Naik had to learn a lot about conducting general body meetings. Terming the decision of making Sagar Naik Mayor as incorrect, Santosh Shetty said that overlooking all deserving senior candidates, Sagar Naik was made Mayor at an age when he does not know gravity of his post or duties. Reacting to Santosh Shetty criticism, Sagar Naik said that these allegations did not affect him. On his part he has introduced the zero hour in NMMC for the first time ever where corporators of all parties can give their suggestions. He added that he would not give in to pressures of protest, shouting and raising slogans during General Body meetings because he believed in conducting meeting as per the BPMC Act. Political observers believe that the changing dynamics within the ruling NCP might give way to new political equations taking shape in the future political scenario of Navi Mumbai. With Monika Bhosale, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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