Mayor Sagar Naik’s visit confirms worst monsoon nightmares for residents at Nerul

Your channel had aired a report on how NMMC has failed to complete pre-monsoon work before its deadline of may 31. And this seems to have been endorsed by the recent visit of mayor Sagar Naik in nerul which confirmed that worst monsoon nightmares of the residents might just come true once rains begin in the city. The mayor himself admitted of the lack of pre-monsoon work in this area beginning with dug up roads by various agencies, open gutters and unclean nullahs.

It maybe recalled that NMTV News had aired a report on how NMMC had failed to meet its may 31 deadline of completing its pre-monsoon work. NMMC had claimed that it has ordered various agencies to stop digging road for their work by april 30. Unfortunately both that these claims were untrue have been exposed as even today dug up roads and incomplete work are seen everywhere in the city. Now all concerns raised in our reports seem to have been endorsed by mayor Sagar Naik himself. During his recent visit in nerul. Mayor Sagar Naik visited the wards of senior NCP leader ashok gawde along with other wards in nerul. This ward perhaps is the most neglected by NMMC as forget about cleaning the gutters and filling up the dug up road but even the gutters were just left open. Debris taken out from the gutters were just lying on the road.

Speaking to the media, mayor Sagar Naik admitted that while big nullahs were cleaned, small gutters were neglected which might lead to water accumulation. Speaking on his visit, he said that the condition of karave in nerul was deplorable and that he had given specific instructions to ensure that flooding does not happen in this ward. Speaking on the ongoing digging works by various agencies like msedc, mayor Sagar Naik has ordered to stop work and fill up the dug up roads. With cameraperson vinayak dalvi, bureau report for NMTV News.


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