The residents of Mansarovar building at sec 17 Vashi are having issues with the Mcdonalds outlet at the ground floor. The residents say that the chimney outlet of Mcdonalds has made their life miserable. The residents of Mansarovar society at sec 17 Vashi are going through lots of inconvenience due to the chimney installed at the buildings terrace by Mcdonalds. The constant vibrations generated by the chimney have led to cracks and the walls and ceilings. They further complaint that the cracks led to leakage and seepage problems especially during monsoons. And this is not it. There have even been severe cases when an entire part of the ceiling had fallen down in one of the flats. The residents complain that whenever they complained to the authorities at McDonalds, they came and adjusted the chimney but the deafening vibrations always resumed within 40 days or so. BYTE Another resident added that they had to repeatedly paint their house to cover up the damage caused by the chimney. BYTE We tried contacting the administrator of Mansarovar society who claimed that the permission of the chimney to be installed was given by the prior administrator and was unable to confirm it. We also tried to speak to the manager of the Mcdonalds outlet who refused to speak on camera. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Nitya for Navi Mumbaio News. BHUMIPUJAN OF KARNATAKA BHAVAN HELD

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