vThe book of accounts of the BMC has not been audited for the past three financial years. Reports reveal that the civic body deviated considerably from the estimated expenditure. According to a finance department official, the MCGM has spent over one-fifth of the amount allocated for capital works on discretionary duties that are not on the civic body’s list of obligatory functions. Escalations in costs for ongoing projects have cost the MCGM over Rs 2,500 Crore. The non-auditing of the books of the accounts created a row in the MCGM house recently with the BJP members accusing the civic administration of high-handedness. As per rules, the municipal auditor is supposed to issue monthly statement of income and expenditure. The auditor is also expected to publish a yearly report on the MCGM’s financial health. Corporators say that if the political leadership had been apprised of the financial ill-health, no cost escalations would have been permitted. In the house, both the ruling and the opposition benches blamed each other for the financial mess. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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