mcgm-corporator-1-In the weekly Standing Committee meeting held last week at MCGM HQ, BJP Corporator Yogesh Sagar raised the issue of meat being exported from Deonar slaughter house. The members said that when the slaughter house was running on Mumbaikars taxes, it should provide services only to Mumbaikars. Deonar’s slaughter house is run by MCGM. The slaughter house was a subject of debate at the weekly Standing Committee meet where members protested the export of meat from the slaughter house demanding that since it was being run on Mumbaikars taxes, it should provide services to only them. The issue was raised by BJP Corporator Yogesh Sagar. On the other hand, agreeing with Yogesh Sagar’s demand, Leader of House and Standing Committee member, Sunil Prabhu said that the slaughter house should also be upgraded. However, NCP corporator Niyaz Vanu contradicted the BJP Shiv Sena’s stance saying that the export helped those who were surviving on this profession. On the other hand, Chairman of MCGM’s Standing Committee Rahul Shewale said that they willphase out export but would ensure that the losses were recovered. With cameraperson Deepak Kamble, Hansraj Kanojia for NMTV News.

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