Civic engineers in all major departments have been off the mark while preparing estimates for various infrastructure works. This oversight will cost MCGM dear. The MCGM civic engineers failure to get the actual costs of projects is going to prove costly for the civiv body as it will get a total of Rs 1,842 crore or 53% more than the original estimate for all projects undertaken by the corporation. This error, say civic sources, raises doubts over whether the original estimates were wrong or if the revised ones are inflated. This “inefficiency” has meant that the MCGM in violation of the BMC Act has blocked money for current projects in future budgets. Officials in the department themselves are alleging that this is an example of rampant corruption as a rise of 50% of the original cost should be enough to see the contract scrapped and new tenders invited. But since it is not done it points to a nexus between officials, corporators and certain favoured contractors. Standing committee members claim they were kept in the dark about the financial health of the MCGM while senior civic engineers argued that variations occur owing to unforeseen emergencies or project expansions. Evidently, when there are such grave allegations of corruption, both the administration and corporators raise their hands. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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