mcgm-3What could be called as wishful thinking, MCGM officials in a recent press conference has stated that they expect the rain gods to shower on the city by Sunday. These hollow hopes and false assurances come post their artificial rain efforts that failed to bail Mumbai out of its present water crisis. However, if MCGM had taken a few lessons from NMMC, just like Navi Mumbai even the financial capital of India – Mumbai would not have been facing such a huge water crisis. Rain gods, it seems, are not smiling on the civic body. Inducement, too, has failed to appease them. While it has not been raining enough in catchments to replenish the reservoirs, the civic body’s attempts to revive the “slack” monsoon by cloud seeding have not met with much success either. And now MCGM is claiming that rainfall is expected in the city by Sunday. And if the coming weeks do not have downpour, then Mumbaikaras can brace themselves for a hiked water cut. It maybe recalled that taps have been running dry in Mumbai for the last two months, since the time MCGM imposed a 15% water cut in the city. While this exercise was to continue only till monsoons arrived, minimal rainfall and three failed projects of cloud seeding had forced MCGM to do otherwise. The situation in city’s lakes is proof of this acute water crisis. The ongoing water crisis in many areas of the city has already ruptured residents of their daily life, as their taps have run dry. The condition gets worsened as water theft and leakage has increased. And even as MCGM officials think they can conquer nature with attempts of artificial rains and predictions of when it will pour, the civic body’s failure to bail out Mumbai from its present water crisis exposes that the MCGM administration is just diverting the attention of all from the reality. And that is despite spending thousands of Crores on dams and water supply system in Mumbai, MCGM has failed the financial capital of India. May be its time that MCGM should take a few lessons from NMMC, that despite being a smaller and newer municipal corporation, has a permanent source of water supply with sufficient water supply to Navi Mumbaikars. Its time the MCGM admitted that the reasons that Mumbai city is facing one of its worst water crisis is due to the poor vision and incompetence of MCGM corporators and administration. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Hansraj Kanaujia for NMTV News.


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