bmc-2In this climate of high alerts, when other municipal corporations are taking all possible security measures in wake of the possibilities of constant threats to critical installations the water treatment plants, its pipelines and reservoirs that come under NMMC are vulnerable to put it lightly. While MCGM has woken up on this front and set up a special unit that will help protect critical resources, one wonders when NMMC will follow suit. Last week in an unprecedented move, MCGM took the decision of sending a batch of its security personnel to an army base where they will be taught how to defuse bombs. The men, on their return, will then be posted at various critical installations such as dams, water treatment plants and even MCGM hospitals. The reason MCGM has been forced to take this step is because of the threats with regards to critical installations. In fact, just three months ago, the civic body received a letter that threatened to blowup MCGM establishments. Now, while all of these have been hoaxes it has to be prepared in case of any eventuality. These reports makes one wonder how safe are the dam and water pipelines of Navi Mumbai. While NMMC has stationed two security guards at its Morbe dam, the rifles that the guards carry is a far cry from what can be called as advanced, raising the question of security of the dam. On the other end of the same project on Parsik Hills, one can witness one more security negligence at the gravity water tank that was recently inaugurated amidst much fanafre. When we visited the tank, we found no security whatsoever to guard them. In fact one of the tanks did not even have grills, which means one can easily access them. Locals near the gravity tank informed that people come as and when they please with no security checks. They even voiced that with no grills and security check anyone could drop anything in the water tank. And to think that this water is distributed across the city. Though NMMC haven’t received any specific alert at the moment, there has always been a latent threat from terror outfits to the city’s waterworks. It is prudent that it takes such proactive action in the view of any foreseeable threat to such critical installations. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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