MCGM is once again defending the contractor which supplies milk to the students of municipal schools and the quality of the milk. On 11th November some children of a civic school in Tardeo had once again taken ill after consuming milk. It maybe recalled that students of almost three civic schools in the city ad fallen ill after they consumed bad quality packages milk which is distributed by MCGM in its civic schools. The first incident happened in the month of January 2008 and another happened within 15 days of this incident. Due to this more than 50 students suffered from vomiting and diarrhea. After these incidents, milk distribution was stopped in the schools for almost three months calling it unsafe for children. An enquiry committee was set up and an investigation followed which gave the green chit to the quality of the milk although strawberry flavored milk was stopped. But the incident has occurred yet once again this time in a school at Tardeo where 11 children were hospitalized after consuming the milk. But MCGM is once again defending the quality of the milk and has taken help from Dr. Owk. Let’s here what he has to say in this matter. Talking in the lines of Dr. Owk, Additional commissioner Madhav Sangle had was also in support of MCGM. With cameraperson Vikrant Baile, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.

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