tree-authorityMCGM Tree Authority’s orders of cutting down 2000 trees for various infrastructure projects and in return planting 2000 others have failed miserably. While it has successfully hacked down the green heads it has no data as to how many have been replanted Recently the Tree Authority of MCGM had given the green signal to cut 2,000 trees for several infrastructure projects in the city, and in return MCGM was to plant 2,000. Set up to protect and preserve the city’s green cover, the Authority-comprising politicians, bureaucrats and tree experts become more of a mute spectator in its depletion, granting chopping orders without checking whether replanting or transplanting is being followed. Reasons given for the green slaughter range from road-widening to private projects. Between March 2008 and April 2009, it permitted hacking of 9,541 trees to aid road-widening and construction projects and in return had to plant 19,082 trees. However, unfortunately when the civic chief and Tree Authority Chairman Jairaj Phatak was asked this question he was unable to provide actual statistics offhand. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Hansraj Kanaujia for NMTV News.

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