bmc-milk-1MCGM’s flavored milk has always been a scheme mired in controversy with frequent reports of students falling ill after consuming the milk. In order to get to the root of the problem, MCGM Mayor Shraddha Jadhav along with MCGM Standing Committee Chairman Rahul Sheale and other officials visited the contractor Warana manufacturing unit in Kolhapur. The flavored milk distributed in MCGM schools has always been under the scanner for its quality. Students of MCGM schools have fallen ill several times after consuming this milk. It maybe recalled that as many as eight students of a civic school in Ghatkopar, were hospitalised last week after they complained of vomiting and stomach pain soon after drinking flavoured milk provided by the school. The students, in the age group of 11-14 years, were admitted to the Hospital. The milk that they drank had been certified by the Belapur Public Health Laboratory and the BMC laboratory in Dadar. To get to the root of the problem and check the quality of milk being supplied by the contractor, a team of MCGM officials including Mumbai Mayor Shraddha Jadhav paid a visit to the Warana’s manufacturing unit in Kolhapur. Also present was MCGM Standing Committee Chairman Rahul Shewale along with other MCGM corporators and officials. During the visit the officers of the manufacturing unit informed in detail about the process of the packaging of tetra pack milk. Mumbai Mayor Shraddha Jadhav and MCGM Standing Committee Chairman Rahul Shewale informed about the visit to the Warana unit. Speaking on the production of the milk, one of the officers at the manufacturing unit informed that once the milk is received from the village, it is pasturised and undergoes various procedures before it is packed for distribution. The officer gave a psychological reason for students falling ill by consuming the milk. He also stated that there are chances that since the milk was consumed by the students empty stomach, they were not able to digest it. On the other hand, Mumbai Mayor Shraddha Jadhav stated that instructions should be mentioned on the tetra pack about the consumption of the milk. The MCGM had stated that if the milk is not found up to the mark, the civic body will terminate the contract, something that we will get to know once the lab reports are received. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Hansraj Kanojia for NMTV News.

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