mcgm2MCGM’s assurance of eliminating water crisis in the city by 2011 has come as a relief for Mumbaikars. Residents have been living with the issue of water shortage for quiet sometime now. The issue of water shortage in the city has been time and again brought up in MCGM’s Standing Committee and general Body meets and every time, the citizens are just given false promises. The recent Standing Committee meet too saw heated discussions on water shortage. BJP corporator Yogesh Sagar even alleged that there has been a clear biasness in the distribution of water to the city suburbs, which is the most affected. However, MCGM’s stance is that 3375 MLD of water is being distributed while the requirement of the city is 4000 MLD, thus creating the shortage. Despite the shortage, MCGM is still seen saying that by 2011, the issue of water shortage would be completely eliminated from the city with the corporation already taking measures for the same. Whether the Additional Commissioner’s assurances hold any water, is something only time will tell and if does come true then it would definitely come as a major relief for the residents of Mumbai. With cameraperson Vikrant Baile, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.

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