mcgm1MCGM is planning to undergo many security changes in its schools beginning with appointment of security guards in its 465 schools. To improve its education system, MCGM is also planning to appoint a self-governing body. Apart from this, it is also seeing to develop its sports complexes at its St. Xaviers School in Parel which is likely to operate from April next year. As part of their campaign to protect their city from future terror strikes, the civic body plans to offer extra security to hospitals. Planning to complete the entire procedure by the end of the year, MCGM has already finished installing all the surveillance facilities at KEM Hospital. Fifty CCTVs have been set up there and three screens have been put up on which 16 locations of the hospital can be spotted. In addition, four door frame detectors and 13 hand-held metal detectors have also been put in place. In a bid to have less people around, the BMC has decided to restrict the number of visitors to one or two. In addition, the number of security personnel at the hospitals will also increase. They will also be provided with walkie-talkies. MCGM DEFINES KILLING OF DOGS Days after the Mumbai High Court passed a decision on killing “dogs creating a nuisance”, MCGM defined what exactly that expression means. According to them, nuisance dogs according to the High Court judgment are dogs chasing vehicles, rampantly biting people and barking incessantly for no reason. The civic body also decided that they will put to sleep dogs belonging to three categories: critically ill, violent and fatally injured or rabid. Assuring dog-lovers that MCGM does not intend to start large-scale culling of strays, civic officials stated that sterilisation will continue. Executive Health Officer of MCGM, Dr. Jairaj Thanekar informed that last year out of 70,000 stray dogs, around 30,000 were sterilised.

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