mcgm-marathen-4The MCGM Standing committee has refused to fulfill the demands made by the administration of forgoing the amount of Rs 1 crore 89 lakhs spent for Mumbai marathon last year and providing facilities continuously in future. Since 2004, Prochem International Company has been organizing Mumbai Marathon, the company have been earning lakhs of rupees from this programme but has failed to pay back rupees 1 crore 88 lakhs 95 thousand and twelve to MCGM. However, the state Government has ordered the MCGM to forgo this amount. This proposal was presented in the standing committee meeting after which it was opposed by BJP leader Advocate Ashish Shelar. He said that the company earns lakhs of rupees from Marathon. At the same time, MCGM spends money for making necessary preparations for Marathon like repairing roads etc. Therefore, the company should be asked the details of the amount has received till now and recover the pending amount. The company however, refused to provide any details to the MCGM, but standing committee chairman Ravindra Waikar informed that from that orders were issued by the A ward to recover the amount. After a thorough study about the company it will be decided whether the amount has to be forgone or not.

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