mcgm-mmrda-1Two days after a water pipeline burst at Nana Chowk resulting in wastage of 60 lakh litres of water, standing committee members on Wednesday demanded that the BMC register a criminal case against the MSRDC for wasting potable water by damaging the pipe. The two bodies, MMRDA and MSRDC have been working on various projects in Mumbai under the guidelines of Maharashtra Government. But they have been sidelining MCGM and working as per their whims and fancies. Due to the various works carried out by MMRDA and MSRDC, many water pipelines in the city are affected. Therefore, NCP leader Niyaz Banu and other congress party supporters, forced a 10 minutes stay at the recent standing committee meeting regarding this issue and demanded that the bodies should be penalised. Later on with the consensus of all members, it was decided that rupees 30 lakhs would be recovered as penalty from MSRDC. He further added that, these agencies, being outsiders, should obtain all the information about storm water darins, sewerage lines and water pipelines and NOC from the civic body and then work accordingly, so that it does not affect the pipelines. Banu alleged negligence on the part of MCGM that the two agencies are carrying out work on huge basis but without a NOC from MCGM. Standing committee chairman Ravindra Waikar informed that MSRDC has been carrying out the work of skywalk in D ward at Nana Chowk when a 900 mm water pipeline ruptured and around 60 lakh water was wasted. After which there was no water in the area for one and a half day. He said that MCGM imposes penalty on pvt companies in case of any damage, it should penalize MMRDA, MSRDC and MHADA for damages. The penalty has been impose as per the commercial rate. The decision was also supported by leader of the house and member of standing committee Sunil Prabhu. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Hansraj Kanaujia for NMTV News.

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