ramps1The MCGM is planning to remodel footpaths and construct ramps in the western suburbs, just like those in South Mumbai. For starters, ramps on existing footpaths will be constructed at places like Andheri station, near McDonalds. The decision was taken at a civic body meeting held last month, as western suburbs lack ramps for handicapped and senior citizens. From now on, the new footpaths in western suburbs will also have ramps. The recently-constructed footpaths will be provided with ramps in a phase-wise manner. Also, all existing footpaths which need urgent attention will be re-modelled in a phase. Tenders will be invited for this shortly. It’s a Corporation policy to have ramps on footpaths for handicapped and senior citizens said he had received a lot of complaints from senior citizens in western suburbs as the existing footpaths are 14-15 inches in height. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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