bmc-snipets-4NMMS GIVES CLARIFICATION ON CORRUPTION IN WATER SUPPLY, 1710 MLD WATER MISSING With allegations of massive corruption prevailing in MCGM’s water department for the supply of water, the civic body gave its clarification in the weekly held press conference. Water crisis is an issue that has become the biggest challenge of MCGM. Mumbaikars are facing water cuts for over an year now with the water department failing to take effective measures to curb the problem. And while the city faces water shortage, the water department has come under the scanner with thoudands of MLD of water going missing and unaccounted for. It has been reported that 1710 MLD water has gone missing. Each day, 4800 MLD water is being supplied within the city, but by the time it reaches the citizens, the amount of water decreases to 3090 MLD. MCGM’s DMC of water supply department Mahav Charankar gave the lame explanation of how the water, supplied from the 48 Km long Upper Vaitarna and Bhatsa dam, passes through a river and the reaches the city. He says that they might a technical transit loss in this process. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Hansraj Kanaujia for NMTV news. WATER LEVEL OF CITY LAKES RAISE DUE TO UNSEASONAL RAINS While the unexpected rains might have impacted agriculture production, it has brought relief for the MCGM’s dried up lakes. The 48 hour constant rainfall has led to the rise of water level in the lakes with the level rising to 2000MLD.

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