mcgm-mill-2A snorkel of Mumbai fire brigade, which is used to save people trapped in high-rise fires, will now save Mumbaikars from malaria. The MCGM will use snorkels to enter the compound of defunct mills to control the mosquito breeding by fogging, informed MCGM’s Addtl. Commissioner Manisha Patankar. In South Mumbai, there are many closed textile mills, which are ideal for mosquito breeding. Because the health officials of the MCGM cannot enter the premises because the mills are closed, they will now use the device to kill mosquitoes. Additional Municipal Commissioner Manisha Patankar informed that the MCGM has chalked out a plan to control the rising number of malaria cases in the city. The fire brigade is helping the health department control malaria. At times, the health officials are not allowed to enter the mill compounds. So, they will use the machine. According to MCGM Health Dept., in closed mills’ premises, there are water ponds with stagnant water where the mosquitoes breed largely. That is why the MCGM has identified the mills and started fogging in their compounds. The MCGM’s employees will check the roofs of the structures in the mills and will also remove tyres, where water accumulates and mosquitoes breed. Also, in the water ponds of the mills’ compounds, the MCGM is releasing Guppy fish to control mosquitoes. However the fogging will be done by trained personnel of the MCGM Mosquito Fogging Dept. With cameraperson Deepak Kamble, Hansraj Kanojia for NMTV News.

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