bandra-pond-1MCGM might be preaching to the city to keep Mumbai clean and green, but fails to practice its own lessons. This is evident at the pond in Bandra that is reeling under highly pathetic conditions. Due to this, the foul smell emancipating from the pond is creating havoc for residents and pedestrians. Once upon a time this pond located at Bandra West was a sight to behold and the place to be for citizens of the area. It was a perfect morning and evening recreational spot. However, over the years the apathy of MCGM has converted this holding pond into an epicenter of filth and dirt. And for this, locals are not just blaming MCGM but also their local corporators Asif Zakaria. Locals informed NMTV News that the pond has not been cleaned or de-silted for years and this has resulted in killing the eco-system of the pond. Today there is continuous emission of foul smell from the pond that irks residents. When we met the local corporator of the area who is as much responsible for failing to get the pond clean as MCGM administration, the local corporator Asif Zakaria gave us the hollow assurance that MCGM would be allotting Rs 2 crore for cleaning and beautification of the pond soon. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Hansraj Kanaujia for NMTV News.

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