flagMost display their patriotic sentiments on occasions like Republic day or Independence day. both these days sees a stock of flags being displayed almost everywhere but what after that. What happens to these flags post the celebrations. Well, meet a true patriotic who collects these discarded flags and today has even started a campaign to respect the national flag. In our country, Republic Day and Independence Day are the two days when every Indian holds their head high and salute the national flag. Our respect for the tricolor exuberates on this day. While these days the tricolored flag is seen in every nook and corner, what happens after that? Generally flags are found discarded on city streets but there is one such youth who has taken the initiative of having his own collection of these discarded flags. Meet Mangesh Fadale, a 25 year old third year student of the Bachelor of Commerce of Elphinston College. Fadale went about with the task of collecting the discarded flags and stickers which were scattered on the roads of Mumbai. Carrying on this tradition from the year 2003, Fadale this year collected 1500 flags between Gateway of India to Siddhivinayak temple. Not stopping here, Fadale teamed up with college students and started a campaign called flag respect rally under which he has been collecting and stocking up the discarded flags. A distressed Fadale expressed how politicians of today were insensitive their own national flag. While in the beginning, the zeal of being a part of his team saw many youth joining, slowly the numbers of volunteers began to decrease but this did not discourage Fadale. Mangesh Fadale hopes that a day will come when he would walk the streets of Mumbai without seeing any discarded flags after 15 August or 26 January. With cameraperson Vivek Gaikwad, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV news.

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