Artist Debashish Jana hails from Kolkatta and makes intricate and awestruck designs of Lord Krishna. But apart from this, Debashish Jana’s paintings depict the joint face of the male and female in one form. Debashish Jana practices the art of Quism. The art of Quism is the entrance to a new form of life. It is the secret path of the Holy Spirit and any obstacle that comes its way, is for the self-realization. Artist Debashish Jana practices this form of art through his paintings. His paintings vividly describe the faces of the gods. But what captures the eye, is the way Debashish paints his paintings. His paintings depict the joint face of the male and female in one form. Every person has a way of conveying his thoughts, and Debashish chose art his way. It is his medium to enlighten people, who may otherwise never understand what self-actualization is all about. Debashish has been painting for the last 20 years, and in this midst of this his passion became his profession. He believes that painting is a way to express oneself. Debashish does not paint the usual paintings. Each of his paintings showcase two faces but in one form. Debashish has been paintings the series of Mahabharat and Ramayana. With many more to come, he plans to showcase his exhibits in a museum. Self guidance is the source of knowledge, acquired by the realization of truth & untruth. For Debashish, eternal life is the ultimate truth always in the unfolding state, from time to time. And Debashish’s paintings show that the Wheel of time is infinite.

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