krish2He is cute, he is adorable and he is popular. Well, before you get excited, meet Krrish Karnawat, a resident of Kharghar, who is a star in his own right. From ad commercials to serials, the small star has done it all. Our correspondent Jan Cabral speaks to this child artist for an interview. His school uniform, his curly hair and babyish face may make him appear as just another just another student off-camera. But on it, Krrish Karnawat, a resident of Kharghar,, is a completely different person and a star in his own right. The first standard student has been showstopper for his school at such young age and has already managed to work with leading TV actors on a national channel and shone in commercials of several brands. The six-year-old has worked in a NDTV Imagine serial ‘Main Teri Parchhain Hoon’, while promoted Central government’s campaign ‘Incredible India!’ besides promoting several brands. In his cute little ways, he speaks on his ad commercials. The little kid goes on to speak of his experience and learning of scripts. The kid was also the showstopper for a fashon show he;d in his school for annual day. Krish aspires to become an actor, so who is his inspiration, and in his cute little style he hums the song of his favorite actor. In the end, in his cute little style, he goes on to sing his schools poems. With cameraperson Satish Garud, Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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