For Kharghar resident Kiran Thapar fitness is all about setting goals and her goal is running marathons. Jan Cabral met this marathon runner who believes that run and keep yourself fit. One of the best ways to remain fit and fine is running as it does not cost a single rupee. Running improves blood circulation AND increases the oxygen in the blood and keeps you healthy, glowing and youthful. A mother of two, Kiran Thapar, a resident of Kharghar who lives half of the year in India and the remaining half in the USA is a true athletic. She started running marathons in 2004 when she was inspired by one of her colleagues who was running marathons at the age of 55 in the USA. And while many would think that running is the easiest form of exercise, it is not so simple. Even running requires a lot of practice and to prepare, one should first join a runners group or a running club. For running, wearing sport shoes and comfortable clothing is a must. Kiran love to run and now aims at running for the Mumbai marathon next year. With cameraman Vinayak Dalvi Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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