fan-man-3He is known as the fan man. A second year student of Tilak College Vijay Patil has the knack of rotating one arm non-stop for an hour. While it might seem easy to rotate your arm, its not so simple if you have to do it for an hour without stopping. This is an achievement that has been accomplished by a second year students of Tilak College Vijay Patil. Vijay Patil has earned this unusual identity through years of hardwork and perseverance while undergoing training of martial arts, gymnastics, badminton and athletics. Vijay Patil used to practice daily for 6 – 8 hours. Maintaining a balanced diet he started his practice with slow repetitions first. Vijay Patil achieved fame in a much younger age. When he was in seventh standard he etched his name in the Limca Book of records. Starting at 9.10am he accomplished 173 hand rotations in a minute and 8068 hand rotations in an hour. Even today he practices martial arts and gymnastics. With cameraman Vinayak Dalvi Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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