prashad-1In our feature today, Jan Carbral meets Prasad Kalekar – a city artist whose fingers magically sculpt a model out of clay in just half an hour. A resident of Juinagar Prasad Kalekar’s thirst for art began at a very tender age. When he realized that he had a gift, he joined the J J School of Art where he was trained to develop the skill. Clay sculpting is a special course in the school which requires a lot of practice. All Prasad needs to demonstrate what his hands can do with clay is mounting the clay is mounted on a stand. Then a model stands in front of him and Prasad starts talent gets to work. His eyes and fingers are well coordinated and he can only see his model which, here was his grandfather. According to Prasad, there was a phase in the past when various forms of art were struggling for limelight and attention, however this are different today. We also shared a few words with Prasad’s grandfather who said that today he is very proud of his grandson. He informed us about how as a young kid, Prasad used to sculpt Gods. With cameraman Vivek Gaikwad Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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