artist-3A lecturer at Sir J J School of Art Subash Pawar loves to draw realistic and semi realistic drawings. His paintings show the rural side of India so beautifully that one just keeps looking at the painting. Subhash Pawar has also won awards for his art at the state and national level. His first Award was in Logo Design Completion on National Level for ICDS Scheme of Ministry of Women & Social Welfare. What made this award prestigious is that the logo he designed was used by the Government of India on the One Rupee Coin minted to mark the 15 years of ICDS in 1990. Another winner from this artist’s hands could be seen on the stamp designed to mark the 50 years of Prithvi Theatre. The stamp was published on the 15th of January 1995 which. His vast experience in the field got him to write and collect data of some of the finest artist in India dating right back to the 18th century. Subhash Pawar keeps sketching and believes that just like a singer who does Riyaaz regularly even an artist needs to sketch regularly for improvement. With cameraman Vivek Gaikwad Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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