tripura-governer-1It was in the month of November last year that D Y Patil took oath as the 12th Governor of Tripura. D Y Patil who has been honored with a Padmashree is known as a key figure in promoting education in Navi Mumbai. Our correspondent Pranesh Kumar Roy met with the man to know his journey from being an educationist to the Governor of Maharashtra. Dnyandeo Yashwantrao Patil was awarded a Padmashree and has founded several educational and health institutions in Maharashtra. His D Y Patil University has added quality to the educational sphere of Navi Mumbai and has put the city on the global map. D Y Patil last year was appointed as the Governor of Tripura. NMTV News caught up with him for an exclusive interview on his journey and his future plans. Firstly, the governor expressed his happiness on his appointment for the post. DY Patil is blessed with two sons who have supported him in his endeavor. From being a villager to Governor, he shared his journey with us. So what is the reason for his success and how does he keep himself motivated despite being 74. This is what D Y Patil had to say. Speaking on the problems faced in Tripura, the Governor spoke on his plans to have tackle these issues. Lastly, he said that the way Indian politics was done, it frustrated him. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Pranesh Kumar Roy for NMTV News.

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