Meet the man with an “Engineering” mission – NMMC’s Chief City Engineer Mohan Dagaonkar

Since the inception of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, he has been with the civic body. We are talking about NMMC Chief City Engineer Mohan Dagaonkar who carries with him nearly 29 years of experience in the engineering field and who has been a part of some of the most significant projects of the sattleite city. Deputy Editor Sana Warsia brings to you an exclusive chat with the man who has seen the city in all its forms – from creeks to towers.

It was in the year 1982 when Chief City Engineer of NMMC Mohan Dagaonkar started working for the city, the time when Navi Mumbai was shaping into a place that today many proudly call as the satellite city. Mohan Dagaonkar has been a part of this development even before the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation came into existence. After completing his Masters in Civil Engineering in 1982, Mohan Dagaonkar started his first engineering experiences with CIDCO. At that time, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation had not yet formed. It was in CIDCO that he got a first hand experience in shaping the city, be it the alignment of the roads at NRI, Seawoods, installing of curbstones at sector 43 and 46 or laying of sewerage pipelines.

Along with working in CIDCO, Mohan Dagaonkar is one of the first engineers of NMMC and has been with the corporation since its inception on January 1st 1992. When the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation was formed, Mohan Dagaonkar along with other engineers were given additional charge of the work in NMMC.

Mohan Dagaonkar recalls how engineers of NMMC used to consult him time and again for work after which one of his colleagues suggested him to apply for the post of deputy engineer in the civic body. After coming to NMMC, he got the opportunity of working in villages too and today feels completely connected to the city. Mohan Dagaonkar has also had a hand in designing some of the old hospitals and schools in the city.

Mohan Dagaonkar has had the fortune to work on some of the historic projects of Navi Mumbai like the Morbe dam and Turbhe landfill site. Apart from working in NMMC, Mohan Dagaonkar was the chairman of the Institute of Engineers, Belapur for two years and is also the secretary to State Engineering Department. It is here that his efforts were recognized and was recently awarded with the Videshrajya Construction in Excellence Award for being an eminent engineer. Speaking of his journey so far, Mohan Dagaonkar says he is satisfied as he is seen it all and done it all. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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