newhacker1Indian tech has a new feather in the cap with Mulund-based teenager Shantanu Gawde making it to the record books as India’s Youngest Ethical Hacker. Monika Bhosale caught up with Shantanu Gawde. Shantanu might be the only child in India who former President Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam asked to return to India from Nigeria stating that “India needs you”. Ethical Hackers are the good guys who protect us from the internet criminals who attack us over the net. These attacks could range from annoying nuisances like worms to malicious viruses which can destroy our computer systems. Meet Shantanu Gawde – an ethical hacker. The 12 year old has impeccable genius DNA with both his parents holding doctorates. A meeting with ex-President Abdul Kalam inspired the Indian family to move back to India. Former President Dr. Kalam told young Shantanu that the “country needs people like you”. What spark and inspiration the revered President Kalam gave the young computing whiz can never be quantified. Shantanu joined respected Mumbai-based tech security firm OrchidSeven as a Research Fellow to be trained in all the subtleties and nuances of ethical hacking. With the final training at OrchidSeven, Shantanu completed H3X Gold certification which makes him India’s Youngest Ethical Hacker at only 12 years of age. As the Youngest Ethical Hacker, the accolades and invitations are flowing in. Shantanu is very fond of reading and enjoy reading books related to astronomy, science and autobiographies of leading personalities. Young icons like Shantanu are reasons that re-affirm one’s belief that in the youth, lies our strongest power to become a nation to reckon with tomorrow. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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