Meetings of corporators heat up at Panvel Municipal Council ahead of polls

The Panvel Municipal Council’s General Body meet saw arguments between the ruling and opposition on several on issues like encroachment, negligence of contractors and arbitrary behavior of builders.

Now that the council elections in Panvel are a few months away, the arguments and debates in meetings of the Panvel Municipal Council are bound to become a war ground for the ruling and opposition. And so was the case in the last general body meeting where 42 proposals were approved. Of these two crucial proposals to be approved was the beautification of the Baleshwar pond and computerization of Panvel Municipal Council functioning. It was post the approval of these 42 proposals that heated debates and discussions began on the issue of encroachment. The opposition corporators alleged that the Panvel Municipal Council administration and the contractor were working under political pressure of the ruling front. The opposition also demanded action against contractors who were carrying out sub standard work.

However, the ruling front for reasons not hard to understand defended the work of the contractors. Even on the allegations made against encroachment drives being carried under political influence of the ruling PWP, Sandeep Patil refuted these.

Sources reveal that one of the major reasons of contractors carrying out sub standard work in Panvel is because of the corrupt corporator-contractor-official nexus that plague the functioning of Panvel Municipal Council. Many of these cases of corruption are bound to be exposed in the mud slinging game that has begun between the ruling PWP and allies and Congress and allies ahead of the civic polls slated to be held in December this year. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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