Standing-ComiteeWhile the Rs. 33 Crore proposals for getting work inside condominiums is being welcomed, Standing Committee member Ravindra Ithape raised the issue of one contractor namely Swastik Infralogics being awarded tenders worth Rs. 13 Crores. The discussion that followed once again surfaced the contractor-official-corporator nexus that plagues the civic system. The discussions during the condominiums work during the Standing Committee meet once again brought to light the contractor-official-corporator nexus in NMMC. As the Chairman kept the proposals for discussions, NCP Corporator Ravindra Ithape stood up and questioned how Swastik Infralogics won tenders of over Rs. 10 Crores when the contractor’s limit is only Rs. 3 Crore. Just how united the corporators are when it comes to bagging contracts was exposed when Namdeo Bhagat immediately stood up in defense of the contractor Swastik Infralogics. Namdeo Bhagat gave Ravindra Ithape an example of his own party – the NCP and said that when so many corporators won municipal elections from the NCP party, they did not object then why protest if one contractor has won so many tenders. Namdeo Bhagat also hinted with whose blessings did the contractor Swastik Infralogics won so many tenders when he said that the contractor was a native of NCP Corporator J D Sutar’s. And now take a look at how the Commissioner too backed Namdeo Bhagat’s justification when the administration was asked to reply to Corporator Ravindra Ithape’s queries. This discussion brought to light how contractor-official-corporator nexus works in NMMC and raises allegations of a ring being one of the root causes of corruption. We bring to you details of the contractors who have won tenders of work to be carried out within condominiums. Take a look at the contractors who won the condominium tenders of Rs. 37 Crore 17 lacs 27 Thousand 422 :

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