Ravi-sir-news-2010-2The year 2010 has been special, memorable and eventful year for the entire NMTV team. NMTV Editor-in-Chief Dr. Ravi Subbaiah had an eventful year. From interviewing the former Governor of Maharashtra S C Jamir, meeting Naveen Chawla, Ujjwal Nikam and Dr. Narendra Jadhav to travelling to Oxford in London to inspire youth, NMTV Editor-in-Chief Dr. Ravi Subbaiah indeed had an eventful year thanks to your continuous love, support and blessings. He’s is popular for being the first person with disability in the world running a local news station. His life seems to have been scripted by God himself. What else can remotely explain how a child who was going to be thrown in the sea by his own mother for being afflicted with polio is today travelling to places all over the world inspiring and motivating people with his story ! The year started off on very encouraging notes for NMTV as Dr. Ravi Subbaiah was honored at the hands of iconic personalities Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam and of course then there were the interactions with former Chief Election Commissioner Naveen Chawla on how to make government schools and voting centers disabled friendly and with Planning Commission Member Dr. Narendra Jadhav on how to implement the rights of the persons with disabilities. Another memorable feat was the exclusive interview of Dr. Ravi Subbaiah with former Governor of Maharashtra His Excellency S C Jamir. S C Jamir was all praises after his interaction with Dr. Ravi Subbaiah and the interview was perhaps one of the best heart to heart talk that one saw on local television. The part of the interview that had the most impact on viewers was where S C Jamir spoke on the attack on him by assassins and how he was saved from it. The year however was most memorable for NMTV as Dr. Ravi Subbaiah became a source of inspiration and motivation for many across the world. From attending events of schools to meet students in person and share his story with them to being invited at Oxford for addressing the youth and community to inspire and motivate them. It was in August 2010 that Dr. Ravi Subbaiah was on a British Airways flight – off to London ! Once he landed at the Heathrow Airport, even Dr. Ravi Subbaiah had not anticipated the warmth with which he would received and the innumerable gatherings that were lined up at venues starting from London to Burmingham to Oxford to see him and hear him. The final addresses were in Oxford London where Dr. Ravi Subbaiah spoke at several venues and interacted especially with the youth committees and youth groups. Dr. Ravi Subbaiah’s speech and address received such tremendous response that his report was covered on the web and he was invited for interviews at radio stations and television channels broadcast in the United Kingdom. The journalist in Dr. Ravi Subbaiah got better off him when he took time off during the trip to enjoy sight-seeing and traveling in a country that is disabled friendly. Giving a fitting closure to the memorable year for NMTV, were the awards that Dr. Ravi Subbaiah was honored with for “Excellence in Media & Journalism”, “Community Service through NMTV” and for being a “Beacon of Hope” inspiring and motivating people. Dr. Ravi Subbaiah’s public addresses and appearances in 2010 had on-lookers awe-struck. Just by seeing him or hearing him talk of his handicap, his struggles and his success motivated and inspired all making 2010 a memorable year for your channel NMTV !

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