medical-college-mgmThe students of MGM Medical College feel cheated as the college declared its deemed status after the admission procedure culminated. Fearing hike in fees and their degrees not being recognized later, the students protested the same with a rally at the college premises. The students of MGM Medical College at Kalamboli took out a peaceful rally against their college. The students are protesting against the administration for not informing them about the plans of the college to procure deemed university status. The students carried placards demanding justice. Students say that they applied for admission in the college to get medical degrees from the MUHS but two months after the admissions got over, the students were informed that the college has been awarded the deemed status. Now the students are being forced to accept the rules and regulations of a deemed university. A deemed university run college does not have to abide by the state education laws and rules. Another implication is that the fee structure too will be revised and increased. Students say that where they had to pay Rs. 1.5 Lakhs as fees, now they are being asked to cough up Rs. 3, 60, 000. Besides this, students say that they will face problems during their post graduation. The Maharashtra State does not recognize the degrees of deemed university in its common entrance tests for post graduations. Hence, the students will have no option but to apply for the center’s common entrance test for post graduation. This however, is tougher than the state’s tests and so many students will not get admissions for post graduations. Such students have to continue studying in their degree colleges and will have to pay fees upto Rs. 1-15 Lakhs. The students took a memorandum of their demands and a delegation went to meet the medical college’s dean N V Kulkarni. However, the dean was in no mood to listen to any of the student’s fears or demands. Not only did he misbehave with his own students, he even threatened the media. When our Correspondent tried to speak to the dean again later, he demonstrated highhanded behaviour again and pushed our team out proving that there is truth in the student’s allegations of the college cheating the students. It may be noted that the dean’s attitude must be because of the fact that the college belongs to political heavyweight Kamal Kishore Kadam, hence the management is fearlessly thrusting the new fees structure and deemed status on the students.

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