Through a United States based company, Micro Technologies India Ltd. has entered the Dubai Market. A ceremony was held at the company’s head office at Vashi to celebrate this feat.Through Macrosoft Associates, USA has taken the distribution rights of promoting Micro Technologies India Ltd. products in the Middle East and North African Region. Micro Technologies India Ltd. held an event at Vashi to flag off this prestigious export order to USA. Micro HSS or the Micro Home Security System is a unique system combined with custom-built hardware to control your premises. It is a micro controller based system with a wireless technology and numerous sensors that allow the owner to remotely get intrusion intimation of his/her premises and control electronic devices installed in his/her home. House security has grown from being a preventative caution measure to a necessity. With Micro HSS one can take pride in protecting their home and providing it with utmost control. With the increasing risks of thefts and burglary people are phobic of leaving their home alone. The company says that by installing Micro HSS one can be rest assured about the safety of their home. The introduction of RF-based wireless technology has ensured more compactness with less maintenance, which has directly increased the over all performance of the system. Also with enhanced security measures it becomes tamper proof. The main features of Micro HSS includes : Intrusion Alerts, Emergency Messaging, Security System Status, Electronic Device Control, Add-On Users, Two-way telecommunication, Smoke and Gas Leakage Detection, Temperature detection, Multiple Tasks in a single SMS, Battery Backup and Indication of Power Failure. Speaking to Navi Mumbai News, Dr. Shekhar – the CMD of Micro Technologies India Ltd. spoke about the export of their product Micro HSS The Micro Technologies India Ltd. has floated a separate company for providing their services in the defense sector as well. Dr. Shekhar delved upon the uniqueness of Micro HSS that will help avoid family disputes specifically for the NRIs.

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