micro3In one its unique initiative, the security intelligence body, Micro Secure Think Tank launched a unique identification card. The security intelligence body, Micro Secure Think Tank, welcomed the appointment of Nandan Nilekani as the head of the national unique identification card project by the Government of India. While interacting with the media, MSST said it would come out with a series of position papers on the identity card project in future course. Vijay Mukhi, the Chairman of Micro Secure Think Tank informed that an individual will have to spend a mere Rs 50 to 100 for this smart card which will work as a unique identification card. Through this card, the personal information of the holder can be accessed within minutes. The Managing Director of Micro Technologies Dr. P Shekhar gave more insight on the smart card. He informed that with the smart card, there would be no need to carry any other cards like Pan card or even credit card. He viewed the card with details such as blood group, reactions and allergies against medicines and other critical information would be highly significant, while saving people’s lives in any emergency case. According to him, if the card provides critical health details to doctors, it offers more chance of saving lives and better treatment. With cameraperson Vivek Gaekwad, Hansraj Kanaujia for NMTV News.

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