micro-2In another of its unique ventures, Micro Technologies have stepped above everyone’s expectations and introduced a state-of-the-art walk through metal detector which will not just detect metals but explosives, panic and alcohol. Micro technologies have done it again. This time it has introduced a state-of-the-art metal detector that will detect not just metal but also explosives, alcohol and panic. For the same it held the inaugural ceremony of the Global Central Control Station where the monitoring of events would be held. The GCCS was inaugurated in the presence of Hemant Karkare and Micro Technologies CMD Dr. P Sekhar and Director of the company A. R. Kale. The guest Hemant Karkare was quite impressed with Micro GCCS. The functions of the metal detector are such that it would record the number of visitors passing through the metal detector and the activities would be monitored at the control panel. In case of any uneventful situation like a person in possession of an explosive or drunk would be immediately detected and the information would be mapped to the registered user – be it a control panel or a police station. The information transmission not takes more than 2 minutes. We spoke with the CMD of Micro technologies, Dr. P Shekhar to know more on the upgraded metal detector. He also gave his insight on the crime scenario and the need to control it. Needless to say that if metal detectors such as these are placed in malls, railway stations and other public places, they will play a crucial role in arresting disasters like the Mumbai train blast and Jaipur blast cases. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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