MicroLNTS-5Looking to stem the problem of stolen laptops, which is not just the loss of a machine but also valuable and sensitive data, Micro technologies launched its new security product called LNTS to secure your laptop. The product was launched by the Managing Director of Zicon, Pramod Rao in the presence of Micro Technologies Managing Director Dr. P Shekar. Also present during the launch was the CEO Private Equity of Aditya Birla group Bharat Banka and MD of Cosmo-Tech Shailesh Dangle. Speaking with NMTV News, MD of Zicon Pramod Rao gave his compliments to Dr. P Shekhar on yet another innovative achievement. The launch was unique in itself as during the event, MD of Cosmo-tech placed the first order for 5000 units of LNTS. LNTS that is Lost Notebook Tracking system can locate stolen laptops leveraging the World Wide Web. The system is embedded on the hard drive of the laptop allowing your laptop to be tracked as soon as it is connected to the Internet. Micro Technologies is synonymous to innovation having a history of launching leading-edge security products. We spoke with the man behind all these innovations, Dr P Shekhar about the event. With cameraperson Vikrant Baile, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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