micro-van-4Nandkishore Khose received a message alert at 4 in the morning. When he rushed down, he saw robbers trying to pull out his car and escape. Khose immediately contacted his local police station. Sensing danger, the robbers left the car and ran away. When the police arrived, they saw that the robbers had tampered with the locks of the car. This isn’t the first time that robbers targeted Khose’s vehicle. Pleased with his decision to install the Micro VBB in his car, Khose now advises all vehicle owners to do the same. Micro VBB is an innovative technology designed for vehicles by Micro Technologies that helps the user to detect any unauthorized access to his vehicle and if you send a SMS to the system, it immobilizes the car engine and locks the door. P.A Krishnamurthy of Micro Shoppe – a company representative expressed happiness that the customer is becoming aware of the uniqueness of micro products and said that for them best of services for customers is most important. From Mumbai, with cameraperson Vikrant Baile, Jayanti Bamane for NMTV News.

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