mini-seashore-2Mini sea shore of Navi Mumbai is the best place to spend your time at; however lack of maintenance may spill the beans. Mini sea shore was created by NMMC for the people of Navi Mumbai, and over a period of time it has become favorite destination for the local residents. People are happy with it and enjoy there time spending here. Although proper maintenance can make it better place. One senior citizen said that they are happy that they have this place at all! One of the senior citizen said that boating should be started, which can attract the tourist and some work should be done for the maintenance of the garden. But despite the expenditure of 1 Crore Rupees, maintenance is lacking. Mosquitoes are breeding due to the accumulation of dirt in pond and probably in future it may lead to health issues, wild shrub and trees have over grown in an surrounding area, cleanliness is not up to the mark, plastic bags, gutkha wrappers, cigarette boxes, rusted broken dustbins, wrecked tiles near stairs can be seen clearly. However, at some places shrubs cutting work was going on. On near by street, bike riders go at high speed, which can cause accident in the future. We asked explanation for the same to the local corporator Avinash Lad. While talking about shrub and mosquitoes, he said that team has been organized to look into the issue. He said that monsoon has wrecked the tiles and along with that he also mentioned about the complaints filed against the bike riders. While the corporator’s clarifications sounds very political and lame, Navi Mumbaikars hope that NMMC would take up the maintenance of Mini Seashore at the earliest. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Shilpa Suryawa nshi for NMTV News.


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